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Tree Stump Removal Questions & Answers

Tree Stump Removal

Q: What is a tree stump grinder?
A: This is a machine purposely designed to remove tree stumps after felling works have been carried out.
Q: How does a tree stump grinder work?
A: It removes the core of the tree stump with it’s specially designed tungsten carbide tipped teeth. See a Tree Stump Grinder in action.
Q: Will the tree stump ever grow again?
A: No, this is due to the core of the tree stump being removed preventing any further growth.
Q: Will the tree stump need poisoning?
A: No, as the core of the tree stump is ground out which prevents continued growth.
Q: What is left behind after the tree stump has been removed?
A: Chippings/Mulch is left behind which is easily disposed of e.g. organic compost, border chippings or it can be removed from the site.
Q: I would like a quote, how do I measure the tree stump?
A: Click here to see how to measure a tree stump
Q: What is the minimum width needed for access for a stump grinder?
A: If we can walk through, we can get our machines through.